Designing Around Range Hoods

There are certain situations in which it makes sense to keep all of your kitchen ventilation machines exposed and uncovered – particularly if that’s what the local building code in your area dictates. With many restaurant operations featuring so-called open kitchens, though, it can sometimes make sense to add a bit of window dressing around some of your ventilation equipment, particularly if you are attempting to convey a certain theme in your establishment, such as a French country or classic Italian look. 

Here are a few ideas, courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens, for dressing up your range hood (again, as appropriate and permissible) – whether in a commercial establishment or in your very own designer home kitchen:

A Classic Mantel: In kitchens where you have a considerable amount of wall space above your cooking surface, consider building a mantel façade that evokes the classic wood-paneled look of days gone by. By adding a designer tile backsplash, you can achieve a look that is both modern and vintage.

Elegant Yet Rustic: When balancing these two different concepts, a hood cover that is painted charcoal black can bring to mind the iron appliances and fireplace accoutrements of colonial times. Adding dressed granite bricks to the design helps increase the “grand” factor.

Incorporate Cabinetry: Adding a high arch made of wooden panels to the front of a kitchen hood is a nice touch for those kitchens that seek to capture a more refined look and feel – such as those for a steakhouse.

Going Old World: Adding details to your kitchen design that evoke a mastery of craftsmanship that has all but disappeared might not be so daunting a task as it initially appears. With a few well-placed items, even a Spanish-style kitchen can look as though it was designed by a nobleman’s craftspeople.

Hide in Plain Sight: When the look and feel of a Stainless Steel Restaurant Hood is what you’re really after, why not leave it exposed and balance the design by adding cabinetry and work surfaces that are also made of the same material?