Reasons to Choose Ventless Exhaust Hood Systems: for Homes and Restaurants

Range hoods are a necessary component of commercial kitchen cooking. However, those who cook at home often favor the use of a hood. As exhaust hoods are able to cleanly and efficiently filter contaminated air and grease out of a kitchen, they are an invaluable asset to any chef.

Though they have been a mainstay of commercial kitchens for some time, ventless hoods are now becoming more popular for home kitchens as well. Here are some steps on decision-making if you are considering buying a ventless range hood:

-Consider your budget. The amount of functionality you get from a hood is, of course, largely a product of how much you have available to spend on it. One important way to optimize the quality of the hood you get, though, is to place a higher value on functionality than on aesthetics. Attractive-looking exhaust hoods are an asset in their right, but you might be able to save a good deal by shying away from the sleek, contemporary models!
-Choose what filter type, charcoal or aluminum, you are looking for. These hoods use one of these filters to pass air through, and either filter type must be periodically replaced. If you cook oils at high temperatures often, then charcoal is preferable. If you use less grease, then aluminum will do the job.
-Decide how aesthetic you want your hood to be. Ventless hoods come in many styles and shapes, and it is good to know your price range and aesthetic values in advance. If you are trying to match a hood to an existing range, manufacturers may be able to point you in the right direction of such a hood.
-Determine your intended airflow rate for the hood. This is usually measured in cubic feet per minute, and the ideal level for your hood will depend on the size of your kitchen. Cubic feet per minute is especially important to keep track of for ventless hoods. Nonetheless, bear in mind that a hood’s filter quality, rather than the quantity of air it moves, tends to have the largest say in its overall performance.
Assess what hood noise level is best for your needs. All range hoods make noise, but with hoods intended for home use, many place a high premium on a low noise output. Less noise often costs more, so weigh your decision carefully.

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