HoodMart Spring Food Truck Check List

Winter is almost over, and with it comes the gorgeous spring weather everyone has been waiting for.

Once that spring weather gets here get ready for food truck madness. With that in mind, now is a great time to get started on some spring cleaning of your food truck's exhaust hood system and other kitchen equipment to ensure that everything is going to run smoothly.

The first place to get started is the kitchen. You want to make sure that your exhaust hood system is functioning properly so be sure to check the hood filters, clean the canopy hood, and test the exhaust fans to be sure they are in working order.

You may want to have a professional come check out the system - any issues could lead to down time during peak business times. 

You'll most certainly want to inspect all of your kitchen equipment. While it's obvious to check things like the stove tops and the oven to ensure they are working properly. What about the grease filters, or the hood filters? You should be regularly cleaning those filters to ensure everything works smoothly without fail. Next is to get out of the truck and check the exterior parts of the hood system. You'll want to get up onto the roof to inspect the fan for any signs of damage. Because this system is outside it is more at risk for weather damage. Look for things like excessive grease run off and be sure to check any rooftop grease containment systems. Once all of these checks are complete, it's time to brush up on fire safety requirements and see if you are required to make any changes or upgrades.

Once the kitchen and exhaust hood system have been checked over it is time to review some items that are generally overlooked when prepping your food truck. Have you tested your generator since the winter? Are your liquefied petroleum gas tanks securely mounted and covered? Is the water system working properly? Be sure to check your truck's hot and cold water, and check all of other plumbing categories such as faucets, pipes, etc. Are the appliances running correctly and efficiently? 

While it may not seem important, a properly cleaned and well running kitchen is a key to a food truck's success. If you keep proper care of your appliances, hood and keep the kitchen clean there should be no worries of any issues.

You’ll be off to a great season!

HoodMart provides our customers with a wide range of exhaust hood systems - from Compensating (Short Cycle) to Perforated Supply Plenum PSP - as well as all exhaust hood accessories such as hood filters, canopy hood lights, and curbs. If you still have questions regarding the purchase of your hood system please feel free to contact one of our experts today by calling us at 1.800.715.1014 or by contacting us through our live chat system.