If you have run a restaurant or commercial cooking space you will be required to have an exhaust hood system. This also means you are tasked with ensuring the exhaust hood is properly cleaned and maintained. Firstly, you are required by code , law by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), to clean and maintain your hood system, however a properly cleaned hood will also prevent fires due to grease buildup and helps ensure the hood system continues functioning properly to avoid any downtime. Cleaning of the hood system requires cleaning the exhaust hood, the hood filters, and also the ductwork. The ductwork is often overlooked and grease buildup in the ductwork is actually one of the leading causes of grease fires in restaurants.

NFPA 96 gives several outlines for requirements and best practices for exhaust hood cleaning / inspection for grease build up. For frequency, NFPA 96 suggests the following. 

Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations - MONTHLY

High-volume operations such as 24 hour cooking, charbroiling, etc. - MONTHLY or QUARTERLY

Moderate volume cooking operations -QUARTERLY or SEMI-ANNUALLY

Low-volume cooking operations such as churches, day camps, etc. -  SEMI-ANNUALLY


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