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  1. HoodMart Guide To Roof Curbs

    An exhaust hood roof curb may appear to be to be nothing more than a metal box that surrounds your rooftop exhaust sits on top of, however, it is important to point out that they serve a specific function for your upblast exhaust fan. Without a roof curb, there wouldn’t be a secure way to mount the fan to the rooftop. The rooftop fan would also be exposed to weather threats, including the internals of the fan.

    If you have a commercial kitchen and are planning on installing an upblast exhaust fan then you will definitely need a roof curb. In cases where a wall mounted exhaust fan is used, you can get away with using a mounting bracket as opposed to the roof curb. In the case that you have a wall mounted exhaust fan but would still like a curb there are options available for that as well.

    There are two types of curbs - pitched roof and flat. In most cases, you will use a flat curb, however in the case that you have a slanted roof above your restaurant a pitched curb can be used to match the slope. Standard height of the curbs is approx 20”, however, it is necessary to measure the height of the upblast exhaust fan just to be sure the overall height to the top of the fan from the roofline is 40” .it’s properly covered by the 20” height. You will also need to measure the base of your fan in order to get the proper size curb - generally, you want to size the roof curb to be around 1.5” to 1.75” smaller than the base of your fan to ensure a proper fit and to allow the use of a hinge kit.

    The curb does not enclose...

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  2. Exhaust Hood Pre-Purchase Guide
    When setting up your commercial kitchen it is imperative that you purchase the right exhaust hood for your business. The proper exhaust hood, along with proper hood maintenance, will allow your commercial space to run seamlessly with minimal risks of...

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