With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, restaurant owners around the country are not only battling the moral question fo whether or not they should open their doors, but also the local government restrictions on what will be acceptable if they do reopen. Some areas of the country have allowed restaurants to fully open back up again, while others are limited to a fraction of normal occupancy, and even in those areas you will find some restaurant owners who are more comfortable sticking to the takeout / online order delivery model that has exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdowns.


When a restaurant will be allowed to reopen in any capacity is changing every day, so it is always best to keep up to date with local guidelines if you do plan on reopening. There is so much uncertainty right now surrounding how best to navigate the pandemic, especially from an economical standpoint, and a local government can allow restaurants to be open one day, and order them all closed the next. To best prepare for these type of scenarios you should continue to fully embrace the non-contact takeout and online delivery services that have been not only convenient but essentially a lifesaver for many restaurants during these tough times. Online delivery services are not only convenient, but a safer option that will remain a hugely popular business model for the unforeseeable future.


While online ordering / delivery and non-contact takeout are growing increasingly more popular by the...

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