When opening or upgrading a kitchen space you are faced with many questions regarding not only the design but also with the functionality of the kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen equipment helps make the kitchen space safe and efficient, letting the kitchen run smoothly and helping the restaurant space thrive. Many types of kitchen equipment require duct systems - either a round or square duct. So how should you choose which type of duct system will work best for the equipment in your kitchen space. 


Two main culprits of any kitchen space are grease and smoke. Choosing a round duct system helps prevent grease buildup due to the lack of corners and less surface area for the grease to build up on. The round design also makes round ducts easier to clean due to grease not sticking as easily the round ducts and grease tends to settle at the lowest point of the duct section. With a square duct system you tend to have greater grease buildups on the large, flat surface areas and in the corners and crevices. The sharp corners and large surface area make cleaning of square duct systems significantly more difficult. The increased grease buildup that occurs with square duct systems also allows for grease duct fires to spread much more quickly.


Another key factor when determining a square vs round duct system is efficiency. A hood system is only as good as the duct system allows - if your exhaust ducts are covered in grease and not run...

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