The frigid cold winter is still hitting most of the United States with snow storm after snow storm, but as we enter February the nice, warm Spring weather is right around the corner. Outdoor, social distant dining will soon be back in full swing and now is the perfect time to get your food truck operation up and ready for the spring surge. Here are some tips to make sure your food truck is ready to go!


Plan Equipment Repairs & Upgrades Now


Cold weather causes the majority of people to stay inside in the heat, and the hibernation is the perfect downtime needed to check up on your equipment and get any maintenance / repairs or even equipment upgrades out of the way. Getting your equipment taken care of now during the slow food truck season will ensure that you are good to meet the heavy demand that comes with the beautiful spring weather that’s coming.


Deep Clean Your Operation


Along with the equipment maintenance and repairs, the slow season is the perfect time to do a full, deep cleaning of your food truck. Wipe down all of your counters and equipment, and then use a food-safe disinfectant to deep clean everything including the walls and ceiling. Make sure to wipe down the exhaust hood and ducts to remove all dust, debris, and grease. Move aside equipment so that you can deep clean hard to reach places that you normally wouldn’t be able to ac...

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