Range and Exhaust Hood Buying Tips for Beginners

For those new to kitchen maintenance, ventilation systems may seem complex and foreign. Fortunately, the devices which keep kitchens clean and safe are easy to understand with a bit of background knowledge.

Whether you are shopping for a small range hood or a heavy-duty commercial kitchen exhaust hood, it is good to know what you are shopping for. Here is a partial guide to buying an exhaust hood:

Consider lighting fixtures when buying hoods. Many hoods, when installed, block existing lights on stoves. Range hoods with build-in lighting are thus an asset to many kitchens. If you will need to shop for hoods with lighting added, or simply buy lighting fixtures along with your hood, plan in advance!
Take into account the desired location of your exhaust hood. If you are planning to mount it on a stovetop, you will want to make sure that the hood you choose physically fits its intended location. If you are planning to install additional accessories, such as fire suppression systems and makeup air fans, be sure that you leave enough room for them when planning your hood installation.
Take installation into account. Are you going to be able to properly set up your exhaust system after buying it? At HoodMart, we are happy to help you arrange your installation. In any case, be sure that you plan for this ahead of time.
Take a hood’s noise level into account. For most kitchens, a quiet exhaust hood is desirable. However, quieter hoods tend to cost more than louder hoods do, and for some commercial kitchen operators noise level is not a high priority. Be aware of the features you do and don’t need on a hood before shopping for one.
Consider your kitchen’s ducting situation and capabilities. It is important to be aware of any existing ductwork in your kitchen. Having ducting increases your options when buying hoods, but there are plenty of ideal hoods when ducting is not present or viable in a kitchen. Ventless exhaust hoods are uniquely well suited for kitchens without ducting, as they ventilate air internally. For kitchens with ducting set up, standard exhaust hoods are equally viable.
As always, style counts. While functionality takes priority for most exhaust hood shoppers, it is worth noting how well a hood meshes with your kitchen. A hood with tacky, mismatched colors may detract from a kitchen’s value, aesthetic appearance, and attractiveness to employees.

For all of your commercial kitchen ventilation needs, visit HoodMart, the one-stop hood shop! We have representatives ready to help answer your questions throughout the day. Visit our site for great deals.