Social Media Engagement for Food Trucks

Parking your food truck in exactly the right spot – provided you can do so without running afoul of any regulations or prior “dibs” on the space – can be a challenge. The location you select might look ideal in terms of its proximity to foot traffic. But what if the foot traffic decides, for one reason or another, to bypass you by, say, a block? Or just doesn’t notice that you’re there? 

For help, you might want to consider turning to social media, says Mobile Cuisine. After all, your customers likely are.

According to the magazine, there are several reasons why people aren’t following your social media account. Here are some suggestions for improvement:

You’re not where your customers expect: Different kinds of customers are searching for food trucks on various platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. It’s wise to spend some time figuring out where your customers are, then establishing and maintaining a presence on those platforms.

What have you done lately?: In today’s 24-second-or-less news cycle, audiences simply tune out information as soon as they get it, which leads to an almost insatiable appetite for updates from favorite sources. This requires social media accounts to be updated regularly…or risk being ignored.

Why should I follow you?: In line with the above, why should customers follow your social media accounts? Can they find up-to-date parking locations and special deals? Are you answering their questions – or even addressing any complaints? Social media is all about being personally involved, and you need to help your customers feel as though they are a valued part of your business.

Copycat: If content is identical across all platforms, it stands to reason that users will stop checking the ones they prefer the least…which could lead to loss of engagement of other users who use only that platform.

Mechanized content: If your content sounds as though it was created by a machine or robot – just the parking location facts, for instance – users won’t want to relate. Use social media to have fun and connect with your customers.

You don’t have the right Concession Hood for your truck: OK, this probably isn’t affecting your social media engagement! But when you improve engagement and those customers start to flock to your operation, why not ensure that their experience is as ideal as possible? Contact Hood Mart today!