What’s in a Hood: the Varieties of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all commercial kitchen necessities, exhaust hoods can vary widely in their purpose and type. Separate types of hoods are required for different types of kitchens, depending on what foods are being prepared, the quantity of food needed, and the size of the kitchen.

Exhaust hoods have uses which extend beyond standard restaurant kitchen use, too. Here are some types of exhaust hoods, along with an explanation of their functions:

Exhaust hoods. The obvious type of hood! Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are the linchpins of commercial kitchens, as they at once keep the environment clean, safe, healthy, and capable of passing restaurant and health codes. A good restaurant or other major kitchen is only as good as its exhaust hood allows it to be!
HoodMart exhaust hoods are all approved by NSF, UL, NFPA, and ETL, so you will be in good hands with one at the helm of your kitchen!
Pizza hoods. As the name suggests, these hoods are designed for pizza ovens! Pizza ovens must have exhaust hoods over them in order to comply with most restaurant code standards. The heat in pizza ovens can exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will want to make sure the air around them is properly treated by a good hood!
HoodMart’s commercial pizza oven exhaust fans and hood systems are all made from heavy gauge steel. Furthermore, they are built to match NSF and NFPA 96 standards. Our pizza hoods are ETL listed and comply with UL710 standards to boot!
Concession hoods. Concession trailers and trucks, as well as food carts, always need specially designed exhaust hoods. While there are many other necessities in a concession stand—especially outdoor ones, which ought to be air conditioned and take pest control measures—a high-functioning concessions exhaust hood is the most vital requirement of all. The requirements for concessions exhaust hoods vary from state to state, so you will need to be aware of what your local laws require!

HoodMart is ready to tailor its concessions hoods to whatever your state and city’s laws require. HoodMart’s concession trailer hoods can be made strictly to your specifications—we are ready to serve you! Our hoods are approved by NSF, UL, NFPA, and ETL standards.

If you are responsible for a commercial kitchen, remember that HoodMart is a one-stop hood shop! HoodMart sells all of the varieties of hoods mentioned above, plus hood accessories, installation, and much more. Call us today!