1. SBA's Restaurant Revitalization Fund Notes & How To Apply For Your Restaurant

    On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was signed and created $28.6 billion worth of grants for restaurants that were impacted by the pandemic. Created was the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRFG), and funds are available through the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Restaurant owners can now apply and benefit from the SBA RRFG grants and use those funds to build up their restaurants, including kitchen upgrades and any other fund distribution needed to help keep restaurant doors open. 


    The RRFG funding is not a loan - funding does not need to be repaid as long as the funds are used for eligible expenses incurred between February 15, 2020 and March 11, 2023. 


    Entities that own a place of business where the public or patrons assemble for the primary purpose of being served food or drink, including the below are eligible:


    • • Restaurant, Food Stand, Food Truck or Food Cart
    • • Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bar
    • • Caterer
    • • Bar, Lounge, Saloon, or Tavern
    • • An Inn
    • • Brewery, Brewpub, Microbrewery, Taproom, or Tasting Room*
    • • Bakery*
    • • Winery*
    • • Distillery*
    • • A licensed facility or pre...

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  2. Food Truck Safety
      Download ...

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  3. How To Avoid Issues With An Inspector
    One of the pitfalls and major annoyances of running a commercial kitchen space is keeping thekitchen up to code. Every city and state require restaurants and other commercial kitchens toabide by their codes and rules, and to help ensure you meet thei...

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  4. When Should You Replace An Exhaust Hood Filter?
    When it comes to cleanliness, as well as safety, the exhaust hood is absolutely essential for anycommercial kitchen. Exhaust hoods are responsible for preventing grease and other debris fromdirtying up the kitchen, as well as helping to prevent fires...

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  5. Benefits of an Exhaust Hood System
    Commercial exhaust hood systems are imperative to a properly running kitchen area. Hood systems are designed as a filtration system to remove grease, smoke, and other particles from your restaurant’s air supply. Removing grease and other partic...

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