1. The Importance Of Air Ventilation Hood Systems

    Proper ventilation is crucial for any commercial kitchen operation and making sure you have the proper hood set up includes an efficient ventilation set up. Efficient ventilation not only ensures a cleaner kitchen environment but also helps prevent harmful incidents in the kitchen. 

    First step is to ensure that you have proper makeup air, which is the air the ventilation system pulls in from outside to help filter the kitchen air. Generally, the way your hood system should work is it should expel 100% of the air from under the hood inside the kitchen, and bring in 80% air from the outside. Anything less than 80% makeup air can lead to negative pressure within the building and could lead several issues including poor ventilation and back-venting, poor air quality, and reduced energy efficiency. While 80% is recommended some areas - like in the South West - may require you to have 100% makeup air due to nil-to-no humidity outside. 

    A proper HVAC system should be installed for your kitchen area to help with ventilation. If you do not have an HVAC system for whatever reason you cannot use a window air conditioning unit or portable fans within your kitchen space as these can cause h...

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  2. Type 1 VS Type 2 Hood Systems
    When shopping for a kitchen exhaust hood system you may be overwhelmed by all of the different options. Makeup Air, Condensate Hoods, Type 1, Type 2… all terms you will more than likely see when shopping for a system. While it all may seem lik...

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  3. How to Optimize Makeup Air
    For a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) system to work well there has to be an effective air balance. Otherwise, the all-important exhaust hood may not work correctly, resulting in problems that could have been avoided with proper planning. Unlik...

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