1. NAKS, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Stainless Specialties, Inc.

    Nov. 17, 2023 -- North American Kitchen Solutions, Inc. ("NAKS"), a leading food service equipment manufacturer headquartered in Elyria, OH (Cleveland), is pleased to announce the acquisition of Stainless Specialties, Inc. (“SSI”), an Eastlake, OH (Cleveland) based custom fabricator of high-quality stainless-steel equipment used in restaurants and other commercial environments.

    Founded in 1993, SSI is an industry leader in the production of NSF-listed stainless-steel countertops, tabletops, worktables, sinks, wall panels, and other work surfaces essential to the efficient operation of restaurants and other food service facilities. Through thoughtful design, engineering, and state-of-the-art equipment, SSI delivers custom-fabricated competitively priced solutions that meet the highest quality standards for safety and aesthetics.

    SSI is the latest entity to join the NAKS organization. The company acquired Lane Mechanical Inc. in 2021, a stainless-steel custom fabrication company based in Dallas, GA (Atlanta). SSI is NAKS' 3rd production facility, rapidly expanding the company’s operating footprint.

    “We’re thrilled to welcome SSI to our organization. SSI’s production facility in Eastlake, OH, will increase our custom fabrication capacity and create a best-in-class ‘purpose-built’ manufacturing organization of stainless-steel commercial restaurant equipment,” said Sacha Polakoff, NAKS President & CEO. “We’re just as excited to welcome the team from SSI into the NAKS family,” added Polakoff. “SSI’s team, along...

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